The Daily Shot Brief – January 19th, 2022



Equities: Rising real yields continue to pressure stocks.

Source: Daily Shot
Source: Daily Shot


Credit: Investment-grade corporate debt duration has been rising over the past couple of decades, making the market more vulnerable to rate increases.

Source: MRB Partners


Large US corporate bankruptcies are increasingly filed in Houston courts.

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Rates: The Treasury curve continues to flatten at the longer end as the market expects the Fed rate hikes to slow US economic growth.

Source: Bloomberg


Since the Treasury yield curve has already flattened a lot, the Fed may not be able to raise rates aggressively without inverting the curve, which typically preceded a recession, according to Alpine Macro.

Source: Alpine Macro


China: Industrial production growth has slowed compared to pre-pandemic levels, particularly in the auto, metals, and mineral sectors.

Source: DBS


United States: New business applications have been unprecedented since the start of the pandemic.

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Food for Thought: US political party affiliation, recent trend:

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