The Daily Shot Brief – January 5th, 2022





United States: Voluntary separations reached a new record, with 4.5 million Americans quitting their jobs in November.

Source: Daily Shot


Here is the breakdown of quit rates by sector.

Source: @axios Read full article


Here is why many Americans are staying out of the labor force.

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Eurozone: Germany lags behind the US in terms of venture growth and value creation (2 charts).

Source: Lakestar Read full article
Source: Lakestar Read full article


China: Here is a projection for China’s working-age population.

Source: Yardeni Research


Commodities: The largest US wind project is ready to proceed.

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Global Developments: Let’s start with performance across asset classes in 2021.

Source: @TimmerFidelity, @Fidelity


Food for Thought: The average age of US government structures:

Source: Gavekal Research

Edited by Devon Lall

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