The Daily Shot Brief – November 10th, 2021



United States: Will rapid wage growth put downward pressure on corporate margins? Below is a comment from Pavilion Global Markets.

Source: Pavilion Global Markets


Eurozone: Supply shortages are at extreme levels across most sectors.

Source: ING


Asia-Pacific: Here are the reasons for downgrades and upgrades of APAC corporate debt (according to Fitch).

Source: Fitch Ratings


Cryptocurrency: Coinbase sales surprised to the downside, sending shares down 13% after the close.

Source: Google


Energy: European natural gas prices declined as Russia resumes flows into EU-based storage facilities.

Source: Bloomberg Read full article

US natural gas was down sharply as well.

Source: Daily Shot


Food for Thought: States with the highest and lowest wage increases since 2010:

Source: Read full article

Edited by Devon Lall

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