The Daily Shot Brief – July 12th, 2021




United States: Private investment is back to its pre-COVID trend.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


But the recovery has been uneven, with industrial equipment lagging.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research Read full article


United Kingdom: The May GDP estimate surprised to the downside.

Source: Daily Shot


China: The PBoC cut the reserve requirement rate.

Source: Reuters Read full article
Source: Daily Shot


Equities: Peak economic momentum does not necessarily mean a peak in stock prices.

Source: Truist Advisory Services


Rates: The massive uptake of the Fed’s RRP program has drained a substantial amount of liquidity, which should be a positive for the US dollar.

Source: Nordea Markets


Food for Thought: Taxing digital ads and the sale of personal data:

Source: The Pew Charitable Trusts Read full article

Edited by Richard Holmes

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