The Daily Shot Brief – December 16th, 2021



United States: The FOMC delivered a widely anticipated hawkish shift to tackle surging prices. As expected, the central bank will double the pace of taper. That change opens the possibility of a rate hike as early as March. The market now sees even odds of such an outcome.

Source: The Daily Shot


The FOMC boosted its inflation forecasts.

Source: The Daily Shot


Eurozone: How much will QE slow next year? Below is an estimate from Pantheon Macroeconomics.

Source: Pantheon Macroeconomics


Emerging Markets: The renminbi has decoupled from other EM currencies.

Source: Alpine Macro


Energy: US gasoline demand firmed up last week.

Source: The Daily Shot


Equities: Q4 earnings estimates came down in a number of sectors.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Food for Thought: Power delivery costs:

Source: @TheOneDave

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