The Daily Shot Brief – October 29th, 2021



United States: GDP growth weakened last quarter, but economists expect a rebound in Q4.

Source: The Daily Shot
Source: The Daily Shot


United Kingdom: Four hikes by June?

Source: The Daily Shot


Europe: Natural gas prices appear to be rolling over.

Source: The Daily Shot


Cryptocurrency: $3.1 billion of bitcoin options are set to mature on Friday, which could be a source of volatility. The top volume contracts have been around the $60K strike price, with calls outweighing puts.

Source: Skew


Equities: Here is how hedge fund managers changed their sector allocations over the past three months.

Source: BofA Global Research


Food for Thought: Year-over-year changes in US gun deaths:

Source: The Washington Post Read full article

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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