The Daily Shot Brief – October 15th, 2021



United States: Is the US facing stagflation? Not quite.

Source: Oxford Economics

But “slowflation” is a possibility.

Source: Cornerstone Macro


Eurozone: The recent rise in Eurozone inflation was largely due to the rebound in energy prices.

Source: Desjardins


Asia-Pacific: Covid cases in Australia are surging.

Source: The Daily Shot


Energy: Brent crude is trading near $85/bbl.

Source: The Daily Shot

US gasoline futures are approaching $2.50/gal for the first time since 2014.

Source: The Daily Shot


Equities: The valuation spread between US and European stocks continues to widen.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Food for Thought: Job happiness by age:

Source: @CivicScience

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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