The Daily Shot Brief – June 15th, 2021



United States: US consumers now view the buying conditions for houses as worst in years, as prices surge (2 charts).

Source: Daily Shot


Source: Fannie Mae, @Not_Jim_Cramer Read full article


Europe: French business bankruptcies tumbled since the start of the pandemic (due to state aid), even as debt levels surged.

Source: @MichaelaArouet, @Lvieweconomics


Energy: Will underinvestment in oil extraction exacerbate the market deficit over the next few years?

Source: @WSJ Read full article


This chart shows the OPEC+ spare capacity (“other OPEC+” is mostly Kazakhstan).

Source: World Bank Group


Equities: Equities and fixed-income markets are sending different signals on inflation, …

h/t Cormac Mullen


… amid massive inflows into inflation-sensitive stocks.

Source: Arbor Research & Trading


Credit: Here is a look at the US corporate bond market-cap by rating …

Source: Mizuho Securities USA


…and duration by rating category.

Source: Mizuho Securities USA


Food for Thought: Undernourishment, diet composition, and income:

Source: @adam_tooze; IMF WEO April 2021.

Edited by Richard Holmes

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