The Daily Shot Brief – August 16th, 2021



United States: The U. Michigan’s consumer sentiment report was a shocker, with the composite index hitting the lowest level in a decade. Increased concerns about the resurgent pandemic and sharp price gains have taken a toll on household confidence.

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It was the worst negative surprise on record.

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Eurozone: The French unemployment rate held at 8% in Q2.

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Commodities: Here is a look at 1-year excess returns across major commodities relative to the Bloomberg Commodity Total Return Index.

Source: Christian Gerlach


Equities: The decline in the 10-year Treasury real yield contributed to a higher S&P 500 price-to-earnings ratio.

Source: III Capital Management


Rates: Market expects the Fed’s taper to be completed at the beginning of 2023.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research


Food for Thought: Talent pools of top tech markets:

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