The Daily Shot Brief – August 13th, 2021




United States: In contrast with the CPI report, producer price data surprised to the upside. The monthly increase in the core PPI hit a multi-year high.

Source: Daily Shot


United Kingdom: Business investment was weaker than expected.

Source: Daily Shot

The recovery in consumer confidence points to rising private consumption.

Source: Danske Bank


China: Despite the recent selloff, the Hang Seng TECH index is still trading at a premium to the Nasdaq 100.

h/t @richwesgoodman


Emerging Markets: Asset managers are no longer unwinding their bets on EM equities.

Source: @ISABELNET_SA, @GoldmanSachs


Food for Thought: Car buyers considering an electric vehicle, by country:

Source: Morning Consult

Edited by Richard Holmes

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