The Daily Shot Brief – March 28th, 2022



The United States: Starting off, the 30yr – 5yr portion of the Treasury curve has inverted this morning for the first time since 2006.

Source: The Daily Shot

Mortgage rates continue to surge with Treasury yields, which signals tougher times ahead for homebuilders as affordability deteriorates.

Source: Trahan Macro Research


The United Kingdom: Next, the UK missed out on the post-COVID trade rebound.

Source: OBR; h/t @russ_lynch Read full article


Emerging Markets: Latin American markets continue to outperform.

Source: The Daily Shot

Also, Russia’s stock market reopened last week (sort of), and the government tried to boost share prices.

Source: The Daily Shot


Commodities: It’s been quite a quarter for commodities.

Source: BofA Global Research; @MikeZaccardi


Equities: Here is last week’s performance.

Source: The Daily Shot


Food for Thought: Lastly, let’s take a look at ransomware attacks by industry.

Source: Fitch Ratings


Edited by Alexander Bowers

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