The Daily Shot Brief – December 24th, 2021



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United States: Savings as a share of disposable income are now at the low end of the pre-COVID range.

Source: The Daily Shot

But cumulative excess savings remain massive.

Source: Patrick Zweifel, Pictet Wealth Management


Europe: Natural gas prices tumbled as US LNG cargoes are redirected from Asia to Europe.

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Source: The Daily Shot


China: China’s credit impulse is expected to rebound in the months ahead as Beijing eases monetary policy.

Source: @macro_daily


Emerging Markets: Equity valuations remain depressed relative to advanced economies.

Source: MRB Partners


Equities: Growth stock valuations appear stretched and could be vulnerable to higher interest rates.

Source: MRB Partners


Food for Thought: Happy holidays! Essential holiday traditions:

Source: Statista

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