The Daily Shot Brief – November 1st, 2021



United States: Short-term Treasury yields continue to climb …

Source: The Daily Shot

… as the market prices in a more aggressive rate hike schedule next year.

Source: The Daily Shot

The first hike is now priced in for next July. Interestingly, risk markets (such as stocks) are ignoring this trend for now.

Source: The Daily Shot


China: Coal prices continue to tumble

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Energy: Brent continues to move deeper into backwardation.

Source: The Daily Shot


Equities: The volume of call options on Nasdaq 100 stocks has been surging (boosted by Tesla).

Source: @TommyThornton; Morgan Stanley Research


Rates: Yield curves have been flattening. MRB Partners expects the resumption of a bear steepening trend once it is clear that underlying inflation will be stickier than most expect.

Source: MRB Partners


Food for Thought: Top sovereign wealth funds:

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Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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