The Daily Shot Brief – October 25th, 2021



United States: Next, we have some updates on inflation. Based on economic data, there is plenty of slack in the US economy. As a result, inflation should moderate. However, when production capacity and labor utilization are constrained by supply instead of demand, one should recalibrate the measures of slack.

Source: Alpine Macro

Wage growth is likely to accelerate.

Source: Nordea Markets


United Kingdom: Inflation expectations continue to surge.

Source: The Daily Shot


Emerging Markets: The lira continues to tumble as Erdogan “wags the dog.”

Source: Reuters Read full article
Source: The Daily Shot


Equities: The market has been punishing earnings misses.

Source: JP Morgan Research


Rates: Treasury market implied vol index (MOVE) continues to diverge from equity implied vol (VIX).

Source: The Daily Shot


Food for Thought: Global nuclear warhead inventories:

Source: Visual Capitalist Read full article

Edited by Daniel Moskovits

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