The Daily Shot Brief – July 28th, 2021




United States: At the national level, inventories-to-sales ratios are at record lows.

Source: Deutsche Bank Research


Eurozone: The whole Bund curve is about to go negative.

Source: Daily Shot


China: Manufacturing investment remains weak despite the recent rise in exports.

Source: BCA Research


Equities: M&A is becoming more challenging in the current environment.

Source: @TheTerminal, Bloomberg Finance L.P.
Source: @WSJ Read full article


Credit: 1st-lien recovery expectations continue to trend lower due, in part, to more loan-only structures (lower debt cushion).

Source: @lcdnews Read full article


Food for Thought: Intel’s vs. AMD’s market share:

Source: @Noahpinion, @AlecStapp

Edited by Richard Holmes

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