The Daily Shot Brief – July 22nd, 2021




Credit: US aggregate lending standards haven’t been this easy since 2005.

Source: Cornerstone Macro


Equities: Ivy League endowments continue to boost their US equity exposure.

Source: Markov Processes International Read full article


Cryptocurrency: Our friend Elon returned to pump Bitcoin.

Source: CoinDesk Read full article


China: Evergrande’s bond price tumbled below 50c on the dollar as Hong Kong banks pull back financing.

Source: Bloomberg Read full article
Source: Bloomberg


Eurozone: Let’s start with ING’s scenario analysis for the ECB and the impact on the euro.

Source: ING


While the Fed actively seeks an overshoot of inflation to make up for its past misses under its new policy framework, the ECB will merely tolerate a moderate overshoot above 2%, according to BlackRock.

Source: BlackRock


Food for Thought:  Vaccination status vs. death rates, by state:

Source: The New York Times Read full article

Edited by Richard Holmes

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